Mission and Vision


Community Health Innovations of Rhode Island (CHI-RI) sees a healthier Rhode Island where it’s unique and diverse populations can build on their own resources and rich culture to achieve healthy, thriving communities. Healthy communities make healthy people.  


Community Health Innovations of Rhode Island (CHI-RI) checks the pulse of the community to build on its assets and develop tailored programs that better address the community’s health and wellness challenges. CHI-RI’s core program recruits, trains, and places community health workers into a career pathway that enables them to meet communities where they are, engage with them and advocate for the resources needed for their health and wellness.

Building and developing community has a health enhancing influence. Though building the network of community oriented community health workers we can build and enhance the capacity of underrepresented diverse communities. We will enhance community engagement and create more discussion on how social forces shape disparate health outcomes. This will further inform the channeling of resources and advocate for change to promote the social well-being and health of Rhode Island.

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