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A list of providers in  your area that can supply a certification programs that do Community Health Work is in progress.  Some are listed in our Partners that attended the Transcultural Community Health Initiative Roundtable Series. Please see list at the bottom of About Us page.

Please note that in February, 2011 we are supplying our first CHI CHW Instructor program.

At this time we do not have a certificate course scheduled. However, if you would like us to provide a course for your organizations please contact us. Also, let us know if you may be interested in our course when we do schedule a certificate course.

Core Competency Entry Level Community Health Worker Course – 15 weeks consisting of one 3 hour workshop/week and one separate student group session/week. There will also be field work required for certification.

Upon completing the course a participant will:

  1. Obtain a certificate of completion of core community health worker skills.
  2. Be eligible for certification upon completion of a 6 months internships unless those requirements have been met by documentation of prior experience.
  3. Meet emerging community health needs with a comprehensive community focus

Course Overview                                                                                

SESSION 1: Intro to Community Health Workers
CHW history & role
Intro to Professionalism & Confidentiality

SESSION 2: Cultural Humility and Cultural Safety
Intro to Cultural Humility and Cultural Safety
What is Community

SESSION 3: Communication
Communication Skills
Listening Skills
Constructive Criticism & Confronting Problems

SESSION 4: Teaching (Part1)
Intro to Popular Education

SESSION 5: Teaching (Part2)                                                  
Developing a lesson plan & activities
Practicing giving instructions
Practicing leading activities

SESSION 6: Leadership & Facilitation
Group Facilitation Skills
Dealing w/Difficult People in Groups

SESSION 7: Comm. Health Promotion & Capacity Building I
Intro to community health promotion & capacity building
Root causes of health problems

SESSION 8: Comm. Health Promotion & Capacity Building II
Community mapping
Developing an action plan & logic model
Interventions & Evaluation

SESSION 9: Comm. Health Promotion & Capacity Building III
Community Mobilization Community Groups

SESSION 10: Self-care and Safety (Part 1)
Introduction to Stress Model
What is Violence
Response to Conflict
Introduction to Creative Nonviolence

SESSION 11: Self-care (Part 2)
Time Management
Organizational Skills Development
Stress Management

SESSION 12: CPR & First Aid

SESSION 13: Working With Individuals & Families I
Home visiting
Interviewing  individuals & families
Informal counseling

Working With Individuals & Families II    Finding appropriate health services
Problem solving & advocacy
Presenting cases
Ethics & professional conduct

Session 15:

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